Diamond Drilling

This particular drilling technique is used to achieve precise circular cuts, as holes of any diameter can easily be drilled to create opening for plumbing, electric and heating/ventilation installations, varying drilling depth can be achieved by using barrel extensions. Quick, clean sided holes can be achieved up to 1000 mm diameter and all our drills have a constant water feed to the drill ensuing a dust free environment.

The benefits of diamond drilling are:

  • diamond drillingfast operations, therefore reduced labour costs.
  • diamond drillingAccurate cuts to diameter required.
  • diamond drillingEnables steel reinforcing bars to be easily cut.
  • diamond drillingLimited vibration and enables large structural sections
           to be removed without affecting the integrity of the
  • diamond drillingLow noise levels, dust free, minimal debris.
  • diamond drillingRemote machine operation allows accessibility even
           in confined spaces.
  • diamond drillingEnable the extraction of cares for concrete resting.

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